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Interested in the language ancient Egyptians called the divine words? An introductory guide is below
An introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs
An introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs
A general introductory ten page guide on deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Egyptian Gods
The Egyptian Gods
Overview of the mythology and development of the belief system from local deities to influential global icons.
Mandarin Chinese Flashcards Apps
Mandarin Chinese Flashcards Apps
General and HSK exam levels 1 and 2.
Available for Android and Windows.
Contract Bridge X Windows 10 App
Contract Bridge Windows 10 App $2.99
Random deal, Acol, Standard American, Stayman, Jacoby
Free trial direct from the Microsoft Windows Store
Facial Recognition Club Security App for Windows 10
Face extraction security database app
Face detection and extraction with inbuilt customer database for Windows 10. Free trial from the Microsoft Windows Store
Salon management Software
Salon Manager Windows 10 App
Designed for hairdresser, barber and health and beauty salons.
Free trial

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